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Can I use this product outside of the US?

We'd like to emphasize that although the frame isn't explicitly certified for use outside of the US and Canada, if you do purchase an Aura Frame in the US or Canada and travel with it internationally it should work as long as you have a plug adapter with the appropriate prong design for the country you will be visiting.

Further reference: The power adapter that comes with the frame is rated for 100-240V.

Where can I purchase Aura Frames in Canada?

We sell on Amazon Canada

Our retail and online partner in Canada is Indigo, here's a link to their website

Do Aura Frames play audio or video?

Aura does not support sound clips or video. However, if you're using an iOS device you can add Live Photos to the frame, which will animate when you gesture through photos on the frame.

Do Aura Frames require batteries or recharging?

No, Aura frames do not use batteries.

Can Aura Frames stream photos from an external source?

No, Aura frames are not compatible with external drives such as USB drives or SD cards.

Is there a desktop version of the app?

All photo management is controlled through the Aura Frames app, we do not have the option of a web, laptop or desktop interface. As an alternative, consider our Google Photos and/or Dropbox solution found under Managing Photos in our Help Center.

Need help or have a specific question not answered here? Email or call (646) 630-7237. For the quickest response time, please submit a request and an Aura expert will be in touch.

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