Photo Access and Privacy

Photo Access - required

Aura requires access to your photo library for the app to function and choose photos for your Aura frame. Your photos are always stored securely on your device, on Aura’s cloud servers, and on your Aura frame. They are never shared with any third parties, or with other Aura users without your permission.

While granting access to your photos is required, you control whether we upload all your photos we have access to OR only the photos you share to the frame.

By default, we upload all your photos to enable Smart Suggestions which allows us to recommend photos you may want to add to your frame. These are just suggestions and you have the option to ignore the suggestions or select these photos to add to the frame.

Disabling Smart Suggestions

While photo access is required, you may opt to disable Smart Suggestions for your Aura account. When Smart Suggestions are switched off, Aura will only upload the photos you add to your frame to our secure cloud server. Your frame will communicate with the cloud to retrieve the photos and display them on your frame. You can deny automatic photo uploading during account setup, or you may switch it off under account settings at any time by turning Smart Suggestions off.

Security & Privacy

Aura uploads and stores your photos in a secure cloud database, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Aura uses the AES-256 advanced encryption standard, which is the industry standard.

Your photos will also be stored locally on your frame, and your frame will sync with our cloud database regularly to ensure photos you add or remove from your frame in the app are removed or added to the frame.

For more information about how Aura uses your data and the precautions we take to ensure its safety, please see our Privacy Policy for a complete overview.

Note: If you would like to delete your Aura account, please email

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