Photo Access and Smart Suggestions

Allowing Photo Access

When you first create your Aura account, you'll see a pop-up in which Aura requests photo access to your phone's library. Photo access is required so that Aura can copy the photos and albums from your phone into the Aura app. By mirroring your photo library, the Aura app lets you quickly browse all of your photos in one place, and easily select which ones you want to display on your Aura frame. If you deny photo access you will not be able to move forward with setup.

Aura uses AES-256 - advanced encryption standard, which is the federal standard. No one else will have access to the photos in your Aura account except you, and frame members will only see the photos added to a frame they share. Please note that you can hide photos within an album, delete a photo entirely from both your Aura account and your phone library, or block an album to prevent it from appearing in the Aura app at all. 

Aura uploads your encrypted photos to our secure cloud database (AWS), where they are sorted into Smart Albums and run through our quality filters to identify unwanted photos. Using facial recognition software, Aura is able to create collections of the people you take photos of most often, so you can easily find these photos and add them to your frame. Additionally, quality filters identify duplicates, hide low-res photos and screenshots, and block inappropriate photos. 

You can add a Smart Album to your frame, and any photo you take of that person will automatically be added to the frame - no app required. Smart Suggestions are designed to help you spend less time curating your photos, and more time enjoying the best ones on your frame.

Disabling Smart Suggestions

While photo access is required, you may opt to disable Smart Suggestions for your Aura account. We do not recommend doing this, as it limits Aura's smart functionality and photo filtering capabilities. If you disable Smart Suggestions, you will turn off Smart Albums and quality filters that prevent items like IDs, screenshots, low-res, or inappropriate photos from appearing on your frame. When Smart Suggestions are switched off, Aura will only upload the photos you add to your frame to our secure cloud server. Your frame will communicate with the cloud to retrieve the photos and display them on your frame. You can deny automatic photo uploading during account setup, or you may switch it off under account settings at any time.

For more information about how Aura uses your data and the precautions we take to ensure its safety, please see our Privacy Policy for a complete overview.

Note: If you would like to delete your Aura account, please email

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