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If you are worried about gifting the frame to someone who is not tech savvy, you may want to pre-set their WiFi network to the Aura frame. When this is done correctly, the frame will automatically connect to the recipient's WiFi and start displaying photos as soon as it is plugged in at their home.

To do this, you will need to have the frame in your possession and you will need to know the exact spelling for gift recipients' WiFi network name and password.

Below are the steps to pre-set a gift recipient's WiFi on an Aura frame:

Please note: If it's your first time setting up a frame, you will need to download the Aura app, create an account and follow the steps to "Set Up A New Frame". If you already own or contribute to a frame but want to set up a new frame, open the Aura app and tap the "+ New Frame" button at the bottom of the home page.

  1. Open the Aura box and plug it in. A four digit code will appear.

  2. Tap "+ New Frame"

  3. Tap "Set Up A New Frame."

  4. Tap "It's Plugged In."

  5. Enter the four digit code displayed on the frame into the four squares. Tap "Next."

  6. Tap "Enter WiFi Network" towards the bottom of the page.

  7. Enter the name of the recipient's WiFi network. Make sure you are entering the network name correctly (this is case and space sensitive). Tap "Save."

  8. Enter the password of the recipient's WiFi Network. Make sure you are entering the password correctly (this is case sensitive). Tap "Save."

  9. Enter the recipient's email address and hit "Save" or tap "Skip" to skip this step.

  10. Name the frame and tap "Okay."

  11. Tap "Finish." You can now unplug the Aura and put it back in it's box.

In the app, you will be able to add pictures and invite contributors to the frame.

When the recipient opens their gift, they should be able to simply plug in their Aura. The frame will automatically connect to their WiFi and begin displaying photos.

Need help or have a specific question not answered here? Email or call (646) 630-7237. For the quickest response time, please submit a request and an Aura expert will be in touch.

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