Save a photo (iOS)

If you have the Aura App installed, most of the photos on your frame may already be on your phone.  However, we do have a feature available in iOS that is intended to help you save a photo if someone shared it to your frame and you wish to download it to your device. 

We do not offer a 'select all' feature however the following details how it works at an individual photo level.

  1. Open your app and click on the name of your frame.

  2. Locate the picture you wish to save.

  3. Tap into the picture: this will open a black detail page with "Show Now", "Hide" and "Position".

  4. Tap the picture again: this will open a white detail page where you will see the share icon in the bottom left corner. Once the iOS share feature opens, choose where you want to save your file.

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