Setting a Timed Slideshow Interval

Your Aura frame will by default display pictures you've added in a "Smart" slideshow. In the "Smart" slideshow setting, Aura will take cues from its environment to change photos. If you wish to set the frame to scroll through your pictures at a steady interval, follow the below instructions.

The order in which photos are displayed is determined based on the number of times a photo has been shown on the frame and when it was taken. The most recently added photos will always display first, to ensure you'll continually be surprised by new photos as they are added to the frame.

Photos will automatically show in the correct orientation (landscape or portrait) without the need to rotate or re-position the frame.

Follow the steps below to set a timed slideshow for your frame:

  1. Open the Aura app to view your home screen.

  2. Tap onto the frame in which you would like to change the slideshow interval.

  3. Tap the "Settings" icon on the top right.

  4. Tap "Timing" underneath Slideshow.

  5. Select the speed at which your photos will change on the Aura.

  6. You can now exit the settings of the app. Your Aura will display pictures at the interval speed selected.

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