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Show Now allows you to select a photo and instantly display it on a frame in real-time. It's a great way to feel connected with someone who is far away, plus get the satisfaction of seeing the photo on the frame right away!

A few things to note when using Show Now:
  1. Show Now relies on WiFi to work properly, so if the WiFi is not strong enough on either the frame or your device the photo may take longer to display. It will still be selected for display, it just might take a few seconds to appear on the frame. Please be patient!

  2. Show Now will add the selected photo to your frame, but it is not the best way to select photos for your frame. To add photos to the frame, click into one of the sections of the Aura app like Photos, Albums, Smart Albums, or Google Photos. From there you can select individual photos or add an entire album. This will add the photos to your frame's queue which contains all of the photos you and others have added to the frame. You'll see the photos on your frame based on the slideshow interval setting you selected under Frame Settings in the Aura app.

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