Smart Albums and Quality Filters

Smart Albums

Aura uses facial recognition to identify the people you take photos of most often and organizes those photos into collections called Smart Albums. If you click into the Smart Albums section of your Aura app, you'll notice there is an album dedicated to each person which contains all of your photos of them.

Quality Filters

Aura automatically applies a quality filter and will not display any photos that are blurry, have red eye, are duplicates, are too light or too dark, are poorly cropped, or where people have their eyes closed. Just select an album or a person or pet to add to your frame, and Aura will do the work for you, automatically sorting your photos and skipping over any you wouldn't want to see on your frame.

The app can identify image file types like screenshots, receipts, or personal identification documents - this helps to ensure you never see a photo of your passport or driver's license on your Aura frame. We also have state of the art nudity filters so no inappropriate photos will ever make their way onto the frame.

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