Aura Analog Gift Setup

Aura Analog is the perfect gift for loved ones near or far as there’s nothing quite like receiving real photos in the mail each month of the people and places you love. If you’re gifting Aura Analog to a family member and want to have control over the photos they receive each month please follow the steps below to activate the subscription and gift Aura using the Aura App.

  1. Download the Aura app by searching "Aura frames." (If you already have an account jump to step 3.)

  2. Create your own account using your name, email address and a secure password.

  3. Locate the email that was sent shortly after you made your purchase. Search the subject line: "Activate Your Aura Analog Subscription"

  4. Click the link in the email which will redirect you to the Aura app. Select the frame you wish to set up as a gift from your order history.

  5. Now it’s time to personalize your gift. First you need to name your Analog subscription frame, once complete tap ‘Okay’.

  6. Next, add the photo receipts details including their name, email address (optional) and shipping address. Don’t worry you can always update these details later in the Aura App. Once complete tap ‘Save’ in the top right.

  7. On the next screen please double check the details you’ve entered are correct and tap ‘Next’. If you need to edit any of the details tap the grey pencil icon to the right of the recipient’s name.

  8. Now it’s time to add photos to your Analog frame which will be selected for print! If you already own a frame you’ll be familiar with how to add photos to a frame. If not, click here to learn more! (link to FAQ about adding photos)

  9. Add as many photos as you’d like before allowing Aura to choose the best 5 photos for printing or you may wish to select the 5 photos yourself!

  10. If you want to change the photos that have been selected by Aura simply tap on the photo and select another option from the photos below. Please note that you can only select a photo for printing from those that have already been added to the frame.

  11. Next, tap on the section that’s titled ‘Note’ and enter your custom message for the person receiving the 5 prints.

  12. Once complete tap ‘Review & Send’.

  13. Finally, it’s time to review the photos selected and the address of the recipient. If all the information entered is correct tap ‘Send Prints Now’ otherwise you can wait for your prints to be automatically sent on the date displayed in the app.

  14. You’re all set! Your prints will be delivered to the recipient in a matter of days.

Need help or have a specific question not answered here? Email or call (646) 630-7237. For the quickest response time, please submit a request and an Aura expert will be in touch.

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